Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I come from a long line of huge families. But I had to admit I felt a lot of trepidation about dealing with a second baby in our midst.
The new life began with Francesca Grace on the 5th May 2005 (05/05/05!) She was born by caesarean again at Royal Women’s Hospital. This time everything went perfectly and a huge thanks to the doctors and midwives for a safe and smooth delivery.
It was again a big relief to have her out and safely in my arms. She is such an exquisite creature- placid sleepy and cuddly- I got the proverbial ‘good baby’.
The first few months were hectic. I was still doing all the editing of the book with Sandy Webster from Penguin. It was a marathon job with a new baby and slightly disgruntled three year old. In fact Raf turned three in the middle of it all and we even managed a party and rocket ship cake.
When it all goes pear shaped and Raf needs attention I just pop her in the Baby Bjorn and she goes off to sleep. ( Couldn’t live without this piece of equipment.)

I would like to try to convey some of the more lyrical or thoughtful notions and feelings but life is so busy it is hard to harness language into something that could convey everything that is going on. The publicity for the book has been keeping me busy. It’s chaos some hours, calm others. It’s hard to stop the house looking like a bomb site. Baby time, Raf time, washing, shopping, cooking time. Just life really. Francesca (or Frankie after my Grandma Frankie Gorman) is now 5 months old and still a very good baby, resilient, forgiving...a sleeper!
And still no matter how difficult it gets some hours, I hold onto that enormous gratitude of having them both in my life. And having a daughter to raise after losing Layla. Life is full and rich, and boring and repetitive, joyful, frustrating, exhausting and full of laughter and tears. Everything really.


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