Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Excuse me... I think I just blogged

So I’m about to blog.

Funny term that. Sounds like something you might do down a toilet. A fart in cyberspace. The bodily waste of private lives and opinions laid bare for public consumption. ‘A new blog is born every second’ trumpets the Guardian newspaper. They report the blog tracking site Technorati calculated that about 80,000 new weblogs were being created each day.
Hardcore bloggers probably don’t need to waste time with friendships. ‘Log on to my blog’ they can say, ‘you’ll find out anything you want to know about my life.’ (Perhaps more than they ever wanted to know.)

‘If you know somebody,’ says blog consultant Adriana Cronin-Lukas, ‘how long does it take to know what they are thinking?It’s a long drawn out process. But with blogs it’s the other way around- you meet the person’s mind through their blog.’

So I’m about to blog.

Hell, obviously everyone’s doing it. Shaking their booty in the wild west of the web. May as well join the fray. See where the frontier opens, what it opens to. Face the injuns that shoot their arrows along the way. Provide an online whorehouse or saloon. But there I am taking the analogy too far. Yes, a blogger has no editor to curb their excess. It’s a shoot from the hip kind of venture.

‘You need a blog so people have a reason to keep coming back to your site’ Kerry my web producer tells me. But what to tell you? Jump on my soap box? Cut and copy my private journal? Bore you with the domestic details of my life? (Excess of shitty nappies today...) Or just shoot the breeze....

No-one is boring if they tell the truth said Quentin Crisp. You must be prepared to tell all your secrets -and everyone else’s as well adds Raymond Carver.

So I guess I’ll just start posting and see where my mind takes me. Oh dear.....excuse me...I think I just blogged....


At 6:07 PM, CelloBella said...

Hey don't stop now! Just read your book and loved your writing. Thank you for sharing your story.

At 9:28 PM, Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing Layla's story Vanessa. My heart broke for you and Michael. I am so pleased you have found happiness and that Layla lives on in your and Michael's heart. She is a gorgeous baby. I am off to look for the DVD as I would love to share these special moments with you. I wish you, your gorgeous children, James and Michael all the very best life has to offer. Lisa

At 12:51 PM, Kirsten said...

started and finished your book last night, I couldn't put it down. My heart broke for you over and over ,your absolute honesty opened my heart so that your pain became mine.I was wishing Layla back for you. I cried tears for your lose and my own loses.What a brilliant book and Vanessa what a brilliant woman you are.Hope life is kind
bless you James,Raphael,and beautiful baby Francesca.
much love Kirsten

At 7:37 PM, Gem said...

Just finished your wonderful book this afternoon. All your children are so beautiful.I'm 41 and under fertility treatment. Not a choice, just the usual interuptions of this generation. But the longing I know so well, how it is much bigger than any other need. Its purpouse, all that. And I always knew, too. Your wonderful story brought me hope in these depressed school holidays. Layla's work on earth began for me when I saw the documentary...and continues in this stillness and hope the book has given me tonight.


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